ESports Games

Let your players make bets on the most famous Esports championships such as LoL, Overwatch, CS:GO, DOTA2, KoG, Starcraft, more.


Esports is a powerful product from us to increase the betting opportunities for the players. Our Esports offerings include eFootball (using FIFA 2020 from EA), eBasketball videos (using NB2K20 from 2K), eTennis (using Tennis World Tour), and Mortal Combat.

The players are able to place wagers on 500+ tournaments over the course of the year including most of the major championships such as LoL, Overwatch, CS:GO, DOTA2, KoG, Starcraft, Starcraft2, Rainbow Six. On average, we provide 14,000+ games, each streamed in over 50+ markets.

Esports product is available both Live and Pre-match. It also includes exclusive video streaming, as the matches are live-recorded right from the our secure facility.

We allows operators to offer their players a unique chance to bet on exclusive Esports content even during the quiet hours in the schedule to increase sportsbook engagement.

Key Features
  • 12,000+ unique live events monthly

  • 5,000+ pre-match events
  • 12+ major championships
  • HD quality streaming
  • Expert risk management
  • Advanced betting tools: Edit Bet, BetCloud, SuperBet, Counter-offer, BetBuilder
  • Cash-out types: Partial, Full, Auto
  • Bonus types: Freebets, Accumulator Bonus, Wagering Bonus, Profit Boost
  • Different odds formats (Decimal, Fractional, American, Hong Kong, Indo, Malay)
  • Videos streamed in RTMP, SLDP, HLS protocols
  • Reporting to monitor the number of matches streamed/viewed per month and in which countries, etc.

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